Why Choose Us

The values we have embraced and that we are cultivating include:

Trust: When you enter into a partnership with us, we realize there is a significant amount of trust that comes with that outsourcing. This trust can be strengthened by understanding what is important to your company and incorporating this into the actions we take. Asking client-focused questions, recognizing your company’s corporate goals and applying these to our long-term service plans will continue to build trust between our companies and provide growth for the partnership.

Communication: Open communications is key to a successful partnership. In situations when there are multiple people or groups involved in a communication chain, it is critical that accurate information is being disseminated. Our organization is committed to providing clear, focused and timely communications to the appropriate parties, helping to eliminate assumptions and blame deflection.

Commitment: Our number one commitment is to you, the client. This includes our ongoing promise to represent your company professionally and discretely during highly publicized events. We recognize public relations are a significant focus for your organization and we aim to support your company policies in this area, not add additional stress to them. This also includes our commitment to safety, including the well-being of your staff and the Enviro Care team, as well as those in the community in which we both serve.

Accountability: We encourage our partners to give us open and honest feedback regarding all areas of our performance. The standard of care we are held to should be significant and we welcome the challenge of being a high-performance partner, realizing this only comes when we continually search out ways to improve. When we improve, we give our partners more confidence in their outsourcing decisions on upcoming projects and long-term plans.

Results: We understand that you expect a return on investment and a limit in liability when partnering with a provider and outsourcing a project. The result of our focus on communication, commitment, and accountability will lay the foundation for the proper end goals. Our organization’s expectation is to focus our activities on actions that will bring continual, tangible results to both parties. These actions, along with the subsequent results, will lead to opportunities for us both to control costs, increase profitability, and limit liability.

Our ultimate goal is to create a strong partnership for environmental services.  Our company has made a commitment to putting the client first and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the newly embraced characteristics and values of Enviro Care.

Enviro Care, Inc. is registered with the Central Contract Registration (CCR) and Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA). We bear the government Cage Code number 54VX2.

Enviro Care, Inc’s foundation is based on the principles that an imminent threat to public safety and the environment shall be properly remediated for the protection of present and future generations. This includes protecting the responsible party from erroneous cost and long-term environmental liabilities. We have a commitment to a Green environment by restoring our lands to a nature state and recycling solid waste. Recycling of paper, plastics, oils, antifreeze and other solids once considered a waste lessens our reliability on nature resources. We remain on the front lines of technological advancements, and by listening to customer’s needs and expectations, our line of services remains elite in the environmental industry.

Enviro Care, Inc is formulated with key employees that bring at a minimum 25 years each in the chemical and petroleum emergency response industry; government and/or Superfund remediation projects; hazardous waste handling and disposal; explosives and shock sensitive chemical disposal; hazardous waste transportation and solid waste recycling. We currently maintain contracts with government entities, Fortune 500 Companies and specialize in assisting small businesses with their waste management needs.

Enviro Care, Inc. operates from our corporate offices located in North Salt Lake, Utah. Salt Lake City is a major hub for the transportation, petroleum and railroad industries. This enables a rapid response time anywhere in the Intermountain Region or United States via air by helicopter or private jet. Our location offers full maintenance and housing facilities for our extensive fleet of heavy equipment, response trucks, vacuum trucks, roll off boxes, end dumps and container vans.

Enviro Care, Inc promotes a safe and healthy work environment for employees and our customers. An environment that is free from hazards while protecting one’s health and safety. The prevention of occupational illness and accidents, and the promotion of a safe work place is the highest priority in all phases of our business activities.