Hazardous Waste Collection in Utah

Our hazardous waste management solutions are designed to meet your business needs and environmental regulations.

The improper handling and disposal of hazardous material can cause substantial harm to the environment and public health. At Enviro Care, Inc., we offer complete services for hazardous waste disposal and management in Utah.

Our team of seasoned waste management experts can deliver a safe, efficient, and compliant program for the collection and disposal of hazardous materials and byproducts in your facility.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Solutions for All Industries

Our company is run by hazmat professionals with years of experience and diverse competencies in environmental science and chemical waste. We also have trained transporters, project managers, and dispatch teams ready to implement a program that will take the burdensome tasks of managing hazardous waste out of your hands.

We supply our teams with technical tools and diverse equipment, so they can provide a full range of services. We handle many types of hazardous waste, including oils, solids, liquids, plating wastes, wastewater, sludges, chemical solvents, adhesives, as well as paper products.

Comprehensive Disposal and Recycling Program

We have earned a reputation for providing a streamlined and tailored approach to waste management. Over the years, we have developed methods and systems that are environmentally friendly and safe for our workers. These customs include the adoption of viable and effective ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle the waste stream generated by manufacturing and industrial facilities.

Each waste management program involves careful planning where our staff takes the time to understand your processes and unique needs. We’ll make sure your program meets all the requirements and safety standards in your industry.

We’ll see to it that the program we implement not only prevents future harm, but also benefits your business in the long term.

For all your hazardous waste disposal needs in Utah, call Enviro Care, Inc. We are a full service environmental company that local, state, and federal public safety agencies trust. For emergency spills, we have a response team available 24/7 to assist you.