Enviro Care, Inc. is committed to providing specialized cleaning services for facility and infrastructure owners. Over the years, we have developed a presence in the different industrial fields in Utah and parts of neighboring states. We have helped clients from large-scale industries make their practices more efficient and sustainable through our tank cleaning services.

The refining and processing of different materials in tanks is an important part of many industries today. To make sure that all operations go smoothly as planned, silos, tanks, and other storage areas should be in top condition. Inspecting and cleaning them on your own is hard work, however, especially if you lack the work force or if you do not have the necessary machineries.

Our services include the removal of different hazardous material deposits, sludge, and caustics. We also remove build-ups of corrosion, which pose threats to the tank’s integrity. We have a team that takes on the assessment of the tanks and other parts of the infrastructure. We closely monitor the rate of corrosion and other forms of deterioration. We clean tanks of different sizes, and we observe proper practices when it comes handling and disposing of the waste. If you are having trouble with logistics, leave the job to us.

To complement this particular service, Enviro Care, Inc. offers on-site remediation, emergency response, training transportation solutions, and services for mining sites. Contact our client services department if you have some questions in mind.