Industrial Services Page

Enviro Care’s skilled personnel have experience using hydro-blast vacuum truck equipment to clean sanitary and storm water sewers, and to locate buried utilities at depth using similar equipment (“hydro-excavation”, a.k.a “utility daylighting”). Enviro Care’s jetrod-vac truck equipment can clean sewer lines up to 102” in diameter in stretches of up to 500 feet between manholes. The same equipment can remove rock and debris up to 8” in diameter from hydro-excavation pot-holes or from sewer lines

Enviro Care offers confined-space entry protocol and cleaning of confined spaces, such as tanks, tanker trailers, and other vessels. Our industrial services apply to the mining industry, oil and gas, chemical manufacturing and handling, fertilizer formulation, and agriculture; including cleaning grain and flour silos. We offer hydro blasting – 3k to 10k psi, and sump clean out.

Additional application of industrial services include structure decontamination, demolition, bag-house and duct cleaning, and emission stack cleaning. Enviro Care also provides remediation and cleanup of settling ponds, evaporation ponds, and waste containment impoundments; including dewatering and dredging.

Enviro Care, Inc. is committed to providing specialized cleaning services for facility and infrastructure owners. Over the years, we have worked on different industrial projects throughout the Intermountain West.

Our Industrial Services include: