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Enviro Care has its home office centrally located at 505 North Main Street, in North Salt Lake, Utah at the hub of all transportation modes for the western US. The North Salt Lake facility is situated on 3+ acres, housing the response, remediation and transportation facility, including a maintenance facility for our vehicles.

Enviro Care, Inc. operates from our corporate offices located in North Salt Lake, Utah. Salt Lake City is a major hub for the transportation, petroleum and railroad industries. This enables a rapid response time anywhere in the Intermountain Region or United States via air by helicopter or private jet. Our location offers full maintenance and housing facilities for our extensive fleet of heavy equipment, response trucks, vacuum trucks, roll off boxes, end dumps and container vans.

North Salt Lake City Corporate Office

Corporate Office:

505 North Main
North Salt Lake, Utah 84054

[P] 801.299.1900
[F] 801.299.1473
[T] 800.820.9058

Elko Nevada Office:

620 Union Pacificway
Elko, NV 89801

[P] 775.401.6449
[F] 775.401.6757


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