About Us

Enviro Care, Inc. is a trusted advisor and partner for environmental services throughout the Western US. Enviro Care operates from our corporate offices, located in North Salt Lake, UT, and Elko, NV.

Salt Lake City is a major hub for the transportation, petroleum and railroad industries. This enables a rapid response time anywhere in the Intermountain Region, as well as reach into most regions of the U.S.location offers full maintenance and housing facilities for our extensive fleet of heavy equipment, response trucks, vacuum trucks, roll-off boxes, end dumps, and container vans.

As the world becomes more aware than ever of environmental issues, many businesses are taking steps beyond regulatory compliance and are making a commitment to good environmental stewardship that can truly make a difference. It can influence profitability, public relations, employee pride, and long-term sustainability.

We specialize in environmental management and services, waste management, remediation, emergency response, transportation, and environmental consulting projects. We provide our customers with the equipment and the expertise needed to perform environmental projects in compliance with regulations mandated by government agencies, such as EPA, OSHA, and DOT with a focus on the health and safety of our workers, the public, and protection of the environment.

What it really comes down to is our commitment to developing strong, long-lasting relationships, that go beyond the technical services that are expected.  The belief that our performance will be evaluated solely on “how well we followed the physical portions of the job scope” is shortsighted. While being proficient in our service offerings is expected and important, it only represents one portion of our partnership. We strive to be a client-focused organization committed to helping you be successful.


Our mission is to protect and restore the environment for future generations.


Our ultimate goal is to create a strong partnership for environmental services and to be the provider of choice. Our company has made a commitment to putting the client first. We strive to provide gratifying experience for our employees and career opportunities with purpose.


Safety is an integral part of our company culture.


Trust to partner with our client on goals and objectives, and for our employees to completely trust one another.


Commitment is our number one priority to our clients and to each other.


Communication that is open, clear, focused, and timely.


Accountability to uphold the standard of care for Enviro Care, our clients, and our community.


Results to control costs, increase profitability, limit liability, and ensure long-term sustainability.