Enviro Care, Inc. specializes in delivering a complete range of environmental services. We fully understand that each business and every industry has different needs when it comes to minimizing the effects of their actions on the environment. Whether it is a spill response or a hazardous waste issue, you can always count on us.

Mining is one of the industries out there that have rigid requirements as far as practices are concerned. This is because the industry uses methodologies that combine the use of heavy machinery and mineral processing. Such procedures are delicate, and may cause serious repercussions if carried out irresponsibily.

Enviro Care, Inc. is now servicing Northern Nevada and the mining industry. We offer mining field services in Elko and its environs. Here are a few of the services we provide:

  • MSHA and 40 Hr. HAZWOPPER Certified
  • 24-Hour Hazmat Emergency Response
  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Material Characterizing, Handling, Shipping, and Disposal
  • Provision of Roll-Off Boxes and Cointainers for Material Storage and Project Work
  • Vac. Truck Services (70-120 Drum Capability)
  • Super Vac (Wet/Dry) Capabilities
  • Confiened Space Entry Certifcations
  • Remediation Services

On top of these solutions, we provide cleaning services that will make the site a safer place to work in. We offer tank cleaning (all types), structure decontamination, dredging, pond cleaning, stack cleaning (including mercury), bag house, duct cleaning, and pressure wash cleaning.

For heavier and more serious needs, Enviro Care, Inc. offers demolition, sampling, and testing. With our Geoprobe capabilities, we can assist you in site investigations, audits, and compliance related monitoring.

Contact our client service group to learn more about the solutions for your mining site. Just tell us your specifications and we’ll draw a proposal that details the ways you can improve your practices. Browse our other service categories to find out more on Enviro Care Inc.’s advocacy and commitment.