Enviro Care, Inc. is a trusted partner of businesses in large-scale industries. We provide a comprehensive line of services that helps clients work on their projects and other activities.

We are now providing daylighting services for our clients in Salt Lake City that have huge industrial operations. This particular solution is essential if you are embarking on exploratory work, installing, or maintaining a network of pipes underground.

Specifically, daylighting is an excavation method where we create a test hole that shows us what is below the ground. We do this to help you examine the installations underground for any problem, such as corrosion, breakage, and other signs of wear.

Industrial areas, such as mining communities, should check their network of pipes regularly. Failure to do so may cause operational problems, which may then result in adverse effects on your business. When underground problems are left unresolved, your business runs the risk of suffering from financial losses.

More importantly, inspecting the underground infrastructures allows you to spot potential problems that may lead to environmental repercussions.

Enviro Care, Inc. has a team of knowledgeable professionals who will assist your company in exploring your grounds. We take an integrated to doing business to make sure that you meet all your goals. We assure you that our methods are centered on sustainability and environmental protection.

Apart from daylighting services, we provide emergency response and services on compliance. Just speak with our customer service group to find out more about our other solutions and understand our commitment.